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This Compressor is a BEAST! – CA7.5 80 gal vertical

WOW! Look at this customer testimonial on our CA Series 7.5HP Vertical Unit!  Installed in 2002 and still going strong!  Now that's trusted, dependable and reliable!     See the full review here!

2002 CA Series

CA Series compressors aren't just built to handle harsh environments - they're also available in a wide range of configurations to meet your exact application.

Simplex compressors are well suited for common applications where only one compressor is needed.

All of our CA Simplex Compressors include:

  • Magnetic motor starter
  • Manual tank drain
  • Oil sight glass
  • Horizontal or vertical tank configurations available


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NxV45-90kW are now available!

NxV 45-90kW Compressors are now available to order!

The addition of the 45-90kW Variable Speed compressors continues to expand the award winning Nx Series Product Portolio.

 Why Variable Speed?

  • Reduce power cost
  • Deliver a more constant pressure
  • Advanced technology
  • Environmentally responsible by reducing energy consumption


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Keep your compressed air dry this summer with the RN Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers!

We offer three options of refrigerated dryers to keep your air dry:

  • RNP (10-500SCFM)  Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

For a stable dew point at a great value, the compact RNP dryer is an outstanding choice.

  • RNE (100-3000SCFM)  Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air with Integral Filtration

Robust & designed to fit the industrial applications, this RNE performs to ISO8573.1 Class 4 to 5 Dew Point Standards while offering many features and options.

  • RNH (20-125SCFM)  High Temperature Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers

The perfect choice for reciprocating compressors, RNH dryer eliminate the need for a standalone separator and after cooler.

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FS-Curtis Aluminum Piping System now available!

FS-Curtis now has aluminum piping up to 6”!

The FS-Curtis team, in a partnership with Parker Transair, has worked hard to bring you a full line of push-to-connect aluminum piping, tools, and fittings.  Parker Transair is easy to use, high quality, and well known throughout the globe.


The FS-Curtis Aluminum Piping System’s benefits include:

• Energy efficient
• Lower installation costs
• Push-to-connect technology
• Immediate pressurization
• Removable and reusable
• Modular design
• No corrosion
• Leak-free guarantee
• Full bore design
• 1/2" - 6" pipe sizes

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Press Release:
St Louis, MO, May 4, 2016– FS-Curtis/Curtis-Toledo, Inc., a leading manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary air compressors since 1854 has announced that their Nx Series of Rotary Air Compressors has been awarded the prestigious Plant Engineering Product of the Year GOLD Award.
The Nx series rotary-screw air compressor features the iCommand-Touch controller—an intelligent technology that features touchscreen capabilities with bright, full-color graphics. At a glance, users can track pressure, temperature, and usage to easily diagnose and optimize their facility’s air system. The controller graphs information and trends that can be downloaded to an SD card, for troubleshooting and quality control measures. Customers have provided praise regarding the innovative Nx series intelligent package design, which easily allows simple maintenance tasks. The unique design of the motor and fan, coupled with airflow baffling and superior sound insulation, ensures extremely quiet operation. So quiet, the unit can be installed where you need it the most.
“Trusted and dependable reaches a whole new level with our Nx series rotary screw air compressors. The overwhelmingly positive response from customers highlights the quality of the air compressor, which is further reflected in the Nx being selected as the Gold Winner from Plant Engineering,” said Matt Smith, National Sales Director, FS-Curtis. “The entire FS-Curtis team continues to be focused on providing customers with trusted and dependable compressed air solutions that exceed their expectations.”
Plant Engineering's Product of the Year program is a premier award for new products in the manufacturing industry. The annual reader-choice program provides Plant Engineering's audience with information about the top new products in their fields.
About FS-Curtis/CURTIS-TOLEDO, Inc.
Since 1854, FS-Curtis/CURTIS-TOLEDO, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing solutions for industry. The FS-Curtis Air Compressors brand continues to be the symbol of quality and excellence in the design and manufacture of air compressors. Dedicated to customers and loyal distributors, our brand names are synonymous with Legendary Reliability since 1854. FS-Curtis/Curtis-Toledo, Inc. is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.
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