DHP Heated Purge Desiccant Dryers

300-3200 SCFM

FS-Curtis’ externally heated purge desiccant dryers offer guaranteed dew point performance and are equipped with our advanced ambient air amplification purge technology.

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D series pic

DHP Series dryers consume less dried compressed air volume for regeneration purpose by the use of a low-watt density heater. Eliminate air loss to align supply-side equipment with demand-side requirements to optimize your air system.

Key Features

  • Premium grade desiccant beads enhance surface area and have high crush strength
  • Soft-seated check valves tight shutoff and durability
  • Low-watt density heater saves energy and prevents premature desiccant aging
  • High quality pressure gauges display left tower, right tower, and purge pressure
  • Optional pre-mounted filtration package increases lifetime of desiccant and avoid system contamination
  • Inlet switching/purge exhaust butterfly valves provide premium quality operation
  • Standard Controller
    • Delivers ISO 8573.1 dew points between Class 2 and Class 3 automatically
      • Class 2 (-40°F) dew points protect against freezing during low ambient conditions
      • Class 3 (-4°F) dew points keep your air system bone dry during the heat of summer
  • Optional Energy Management Controller
    • Load-Matching Energy Management System features Ambient Air Amplification Purge Technology
    • Guarantees Class 2 (-40°F/-40°C) dew points