RNE Non Cycling Refrigerated Dryers

100-3000 SCFM

Robust and designed to fit industrial applications, the RNE
cycles to allow the dew point to fluctuate, generating energy
savings to ISO 8573.1 Class 4 and Class 5 standards.

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RN pic

The superior solution for heavy-duty air demand profiles is the RNE dryers. The dryers meet energy-saving ISO 8573.1 Class 4 and Class 5 standards by allowing the dew points to fluctuate, and the brazed plate heat exchanger optimizes efficiency. The result is a steady flow of clean, dry air delivered to meet the demands of your application reliably and effectively.

Built-in features like an energy-management monitor help make the easy-to-use RNE dryers even easier. Plus, a wide range of options allows you to customize your RNE dryer to your needs.

Standard Features

  • ISO 8573.1 Class 4 and Class 5 dew point
  • Stainless-steel brazed plate heat exchanger optimizes the thermal efficiency and saves money by reducing pressure drop
  • RNE100-150 use at a glance controller
  • Digital PLC controller with energy-management monitor for RNE200 and above
  • Integrated 3-micron separator to reduce work stoppages
  • R-134a environmentally friendly refrigerant for RNE100-750 models, and R-404a for RNE1000-3000
  • Integral cold coalescing

Optional Features

  • Mounted and wired timed electric drain
  • Panel-mounted gauge package consists of air inlet temperature, air outlet pressure, refrigerant suction pressure and refrigerant head pressure gauges
  • NEMA 4 electronic protection
  • Mounted remote bulb temperature switch with C-form contacts
  • Mounted and wired IEC-style disconnect
  • 3-valve air bypass piping (shipped loose)
  • Standard separator
  • 0.008 ppm oil removal filter
  • Seawater cooler