ECO Series: The Future of Clean & Oil-Free Air


FS-Curtis Eco Scroll oil-free air compressors are ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certified compressors. The Eco Scroll is energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain as well as quiet and compact enough to save space in your facility. Unfortunately, a failure of components in an oil-injected compressor can result in oil contamination, which can cause expensive damage to downstream products and processes. Because the Eco series requires no oil, it delivers Class 0 clean efficient air compression. This eliminates the risk of oil contamination and the expenses associated with it.

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Eco Scroll Series

About FS-Curtis/CURTIS-TOLEDO, Inc.
Since 1854, FS-Curtis has been designing and manufacturing solutions for industries. FS-Curtis'  brand continues to be the symbol of quality and excellence in the design and manufacturing of air compressors. Dedicated to customers and loyal distributors, our brand images are synonymous for legendary reliability since 1854.  FS-Curtis is proud to be ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.

FS-Curtis and the Fabricated Metals Industry

Compressed Air is an integral part of the Fabricated Metals Industry. Premier Tool Grinding manufacturer of carbide cutting tools uses our NxB22 along with our RNE Dryer and CF Filtration system. See how we assist companies like Premier Tool in the Fabricated Metals Industry.
Many processes and applications continue to use inefficient devices to deliver the compressed air, and many companies fail to recognize the simple implementation and significant payoff of improving compressed air efficiency.

Improving compressed air efficiency, or saving more of your compressed air capacity by minimizing compressed air demand, can be realized by following some simple procedures. Though there are many actions that can be taken to further improve compressed air efficiency, some simple and effective steps can be put to action quickly.

A few things you need to do to improve the demand of your air compression: Measure the air consumption to identify sources that waste compressed air Find and fix the leaks in your compressed air system. Upgrade your blow off, cooling and drying operations using engineered compressed air products. Use intermediate storage of compressed air near the point of use Control the operating air pressure at the point of use to minimize air consumption.

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