Month: December 2017

Nx Series – The Best in Rotary Screw Air Compression


The Nx Series offers a space-saving profile that’s easy to install while accommodating for limited floor space. The integrated separator, MPV and thermostatic valve reduce connections by up to 90% -- meaning fewer opportunities for leaks. The series also comes in variable speed drive from 8-90kw for even more efficiency and energy saving opportunities. The FS-Curtis Nx Series combines efficient operations with outstanding durability, which is the perfect combination for automotive, light industrial, and other applications that require reliable performance in demanding conditions.

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Introducing the BA Series

Introducing the BA Series

Environmental standards mandate the need for suitable breathing air supply to ensure worker safety. Whether in paint spraying, confined spaces, asbestos abatement or a variety of other areas the need for breathing air is paramount. We introduce to you the newest product in Air Treatment...the BA Series.

The new BA Series Breathing Air Purifiers remove moisture, particulate solids, oil aerosols & mists, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon vapors commonly present compressed air resulting in air that can be safely used in breathing air devices.

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FS-Curtis maintains a long standing reputation for manufacturing products that deliver superior performance,
time proven reliability and optimal energy savings. With the Breathing Air Purifiers, FS-Curtis continues its commitment to providing clean, dry compressed air for the most challenging industries. Environmental safety standards mandate the need for a suitable air supply to ensure worker safety, and the Breathing Air Series enable industries to meet those required standards.