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Bebida alimenticia

Lograr un equilibrio entre el cumplimiento de los códigos de seguridad alimentaria y brindar un producto seguro al consumidor, todo mientras se reducen los costos y se mejora la eficiencia.

El uso de compresores de aire para envasar alimentos y embotellar bebidas es importante para la calidad general y el saneamiento de los productos. Con tanto potencial de contaminación, es importante tener sistemas neumáticos limpios durante todo el proceso de envasado. El uso de aire limpio presurizado en la industria de alimentos y bebidas produce productos de calidad que cumplen con las regulaciones y estándares de seguridad de la FDA.

  • Dehydration: Compressed air is used by tools that dehydrate food and vegetable products in order to eliminate water- which could lead to mold and bacteria. This process is most common for foods that have a longer shelf life, such as dried fruit.
  • Bottling: Bottling refers to the process of packaging beverages, which involves preparing, filling, sealing, and labeling. Compressors are used to seal, label, and stamp the bottles.
  • Controls and actuators: Air compressors power the conveyor belts which transfer the various products throughout the factory. From empty bottles to different types of food, it’s beneficial to have reliable compressed air to handle transportation in production that ensures efficiency and maximizes quality.
  • Spraying coatings: Spray coating is used to guarantee the extended lifespan of the food and beverage equipment. Compressed air is used in this process during production.
  • Cleaning: Pneumatic tools spray and dry food products so they are clean and at a marketable standard for grocery stores.
  • Vacuum packing: Vacuum devices seal certain packages to ensure no air is trapped within the package. This maximizes the shelf life of items such as packaged cheese, processed meats, and many other products.

The Class 0 oil-free ECO-Turbo Series allows you to eliminate the risk of oil contamination and deliver 100% oil-free air to power all your food and beverage operations. The simple and enclosed design of the compressor unit offers high reliability and ensures safe operation even under the most demanding conditions.

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