CF Compressed Air Filtration

FS-Curtis CF series compressed air filtration further protects your investment with lower pressure drop.

Designed utilizing innovative air filtration media and manufacturing techniques, CF Series compressed
air filters and elements from FS-Curtis increase performance and minimize pressure drop. The result
is a savings in operating costs while further protecting your downstream process. Compact and
efficient, CF Series filters and mist eliminators are built to FS-Curtis world-class quality standards
with comprehensive third-party testing, including ISO and PNEUROP.

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CF filter pic


(20-21250 SCFM)

With a choice of seven filtration grades, you can design a filter system that delivers the air quality you need with the efficient performance you desire. Operation and maintenance are a breeze, and the long-lasting filter life and low pressure drop give you outstanding performance.
• Low pressure drop delivers energy savings
• Piston-type element to housing seal keeps unfiltered air from bypassing the element
• Corrosion-resistant cores
• With a large, effective surface area, the “Matrix-blended fiber” media improves capture rate and ensures high efficiency
• Coated, closed-cell foam sleeve resists chemical corrosion from oils and acids


(100-11400 SCFM)

For high inlet temperature applications, such as a reciprocating compressor without an aftercooler, the CFH filters has you covered. Able to handle temperatures up to 450° F, CFH filters feature efficient operation and a low pressure drop for reduced operating costs.
• High dust-loading capacity
• Three filtration techniques maximize cartridge life
• Removes solid particles one micron and larger


(125-3000 SCFM)

Enjoy the peace of mind of extra protection for your system. FS-Curtis CFE mist eliminators cut energy costs while removing oil and water aerosols
from compressed-air systems.
• Captures large slugs of oil and water for extra protection should compressor’s drain trap fail
• Long-life mist eliminator element lasts 8 to 15 years
• 0.5 to 1 psi pressure drop reduces energy consumption
• Superior installation flexibility thanks to a variety of inlet positions for easy adaption to your piping arrangement
• Heavy-duty ASME pressure vessel
• Floor stand
• Dedicated vent port for demand-type drains