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FS-SmartConnect is the right IoT solution for your organization.

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FS-SmartConnect is an intuitive IoT monitoring feature that continuously captures live data from the compressor. With the FS-SmartConnect, you can ensure optimized performance, efficiency, and compressor health. The data collected from the compressor is sent to the cloud, where an online dashboard provides access to all connected devices. This cloud access offers around-the-clock monitoring, ensuring the health of the compressed air assets in real-time.

  • Improve production efficiency and maximize uptime by using SmartConnect to evaluate the health of your compressor in real time!
  • Increase reliability by identifying and correcting a potential problem before it becomes a catastrophic failure!
  • SmartConnect provides a detailed compressor health report showing key performance parameters such as Power, Temperature, Pressure, Cost, Emissions, Efficiency, Run time, and more!
  • Compressed air systems are controllable and predictable. If you don’t monitor it, you can’t manage it!
  • SmartConnect is like having a full time employee whose only job is to monitor your air compressor!

You are able to select between two levels of service gives you the flexibility to track, understand, and monitor your compressor’s operation.


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