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FSC-Max Fluid

FSC-Max Fluid is our core fluid product line and comes with a bold new look.

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Designed to offer the highest protection for your FS-Curtis products, it is THE ONLY LUBRICANT PRODUCT LINE THAT CAN VALIDATE FS-CURTIS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAMS. From food grade applications to large industrial, FSC-Max Fluid products are designed to operate at 100% efficiency in virtually all environments.

FSC-Max Fluid ST

ST is our core reciprocating fluid. Used for our factory fill, all FS-Curtis reciprocating units are shipped fully charged with FSC-Max Fluid ST. The ST will protect your reciprocating compressor when you need it most. Viscosity 68.

FSC-Max Fluid ET

ET is designed for elevated temperatures. Used in areas of the world that can experience hot, humid and arid temperatures. FSC-Max fluid ET is rated at 100% fluid life at 212F (100C). Viscosity 100.

FSC-Max Fluid HP

HP is a Diester-Based synthetic formula. Used in the FS-Curtis CW series for large industrial reciprocating air compressors. Formulated to perform above 200 PSI. Vicsosity 100.

FSC-Max Fluid FS

FS is our core rotary screw fluid. Used for our factory fill, all FS-Curtis rotary screw units are shipped fully charged with FSC-Max Fluid FS. The FS is formulated to perform as a full synthetic PAO fluid. Viscosity 46.

FSC-Max Fluid FG

FG is designed for rotary screw food-grade applications. The FSC-MAX Fluid FG is H1 compliant to cover your most demanding installations.

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