Nx Series 45-90kW


Nx Series compressors combine efficient operation with outstanding durability in the most demanding large industrial environments.

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NX 19-90 pic

The Nx Series offers a space-saving profile that’s easy to install while accommodating limited floor space. The integrated separator, MPV and thermostatic valve reduce connections by up to 90% -- meaning fewer opportunities for leaks. The Nx series also comes in variable speed drive for 8-90kW for even more efficiency and energy savings opportunities.



Energy Efficiency & Quality Components

Built to the highest levels of dependability, reliability & efficiency

  • Premium Efficiency TEFC (IP55 Class F) motor protects compressor from  harsh environment
  • IE3 Motors increase efficiency
  • NEMA-1 electric panel
  • Wye-Delta motor starter
  • Hi-Efficiency air/oil separator with 1-3 ppm carryover
  • 120 volt control voltage
  • 100% continuous duty cycle, pulsation free air
  • Energy efficient oversized cooler
  • Built-in heavy duty air intake filter
  • Additional heavy duty oil filter for added protection of airend bearings
  • Durable powder-coat painted enclosure
  • Leak-free design with o-ring seal fittings & hoses

Ease of Maintenance

Designed for low cost of ownership, easy service & little down time

  • Easy access to all preventative maintenance components
  • Washable cabinet pre-filter
  • Controller alerts for maintenance intervals
  • Differential pressure indicators for the oil filters, air filter & separator element
  • Pivoting separator tank lid allows for easy element change out

eCOOL® Technology

The ultimate in system protection and reliability

  • Protects critical components from compressor-generated heat
  • Compartmentalized air flow design and oversized aftercooler
  • Extends component life and reduces downtime

dBA Shield Noise Reduction

Designed for quieter operation

  • Extra-thick sound insulation reduces noise
  • Can be installed in applications where dBa level is critical
  • Laminated oil-proof sound insulation


  • The VSD - time proven directly coupled design - offers faster response and greater operational efficiency
  • Variable operation slows airend speed, which lowers energy costs and reduces wear
  • With DemandSmart technology, the VSD enhances quality by stabilizing air pressure at 1 psi increments
  • Built-in DC Choke protects against harmonic disturbances and eliminates the need to source additional corrective devices

NxGen Warranty

Extended Warranty Program
All Nx products are backed by an industry leading warranty:

  • Five-year major components warranty
  • Ten-year airend warranty

Just register the machine online, Use only FS-Curtis Genuine Parts & Lubricants per the required maintenance schedule, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your machine is backed by the NxGEN Warranty