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FS-SmartConnect: Unlocking IoT Benefits for Your Compressed Air System


In today’s interconnected world, the Internet of Things (IoT) has taken a predominant role in various industries as a way for users to easily interact with their machines. As computers started becoming more powerful, the internet became more interconnected than ever before, which, in turn, created brand-new opportunities in nearly every industry.

More particularly, with smartphones becoming more accessible to the internet, it allowed for the development of newer applications that link devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to internet-compatible devices.

As these applications were designed and manufacturing processes became “smarter,” IoT systems have become so interconnected that they can be used to simplify the production process immensely. Of these processes, remote monitoring has allowed users instant access to their devices by setting up a network that will enable probes and other hardware to measure data and send it to remote devices connected through the internet. Once this data is collected, the information is sent to a cloud-based platform which can be customized and displayed through a dashboard, allowing instant access to crucial information.

Falling into this type of category is the FS-SmartConnect!

What is FS-SmartConnect?

FS-SmartConnect is an IoT solution currently compatible with the iCommand Touch/ Touch+ controller that enables real-time monitoring of your compressor anytime, anywhere.

By leveraging the advancement of IoT, FS-SmartConnect seamlessly connects to your devices, which records crucial information to provide valuable insight and enhanced visibility into critical operations. To take advantage of this, you can choose from two service options depending on your monitoring needs: SmartConnect Insight and SmartConnect Premium.

SmartConnect Insight vs. SmartConnect Premium Key Features

SmartConnect Insight allows you access to the cloud, customized alerts, and technical support, while the SmartConnect Premium option lets you access everything the Insight option has, with the addition of an energy tab and detailed compressor performance report.

On a more detailed level, there are several key features the SmartConnect and each service provides:

With the help of these valuable features, every user will be able to reap the rewards of SmartConnect, whether you’re a channel partner, distributor, or end-user. Additional benefits of SmartConnect include:

With all these exciting features, FS-SmartConnect is altering how we interact and become familiar with the devices around us. Connecting devices and utilizing the data collected allows us to build on the opportunities presented by these technologies. With the remarkable features and benefits mentioned above, SmartConnect is here to help pave the way for a smart, more connected world.

To learn more about the history of IoT and benefits an IoT solution like SmartConnect can provide your compressed air system, download our latest white paper, Revolutionizing Connectivity: The History of the Internet of Things (IoT) & How It Will Improve Your Compressed Air System. For assistance with your compressed air system, contact us today.



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