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ECO-Turbo Series 185-250kW


With the ECO-Turbo, expert experience in centrifugal design and manufacturing for the highest efficiencies meets the simplified design for ease of ownership.

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Effortless Operation, Highly Efficient

The ECO-Turbo Series combines decades of engineering experience from FS-Elliott partnered with the trusted and dependable reputation of FS-Curtis to bring the first in the market reliable, efficient and innovative air-cooled or water-cooled centrifugal compressors.

The turbo compressors of the ECO-Turbo series are suitable for a wide range of applications where 100% oil-free compressed air is required with higher demand ranging from 185 kW to 250 kW drive power at a final compression pressure of up to 125 psi.

The simple and enclosed design of the compressor unit offers high reliability and ensures safe operation even under the most demanding conditions. The FS-Elliott engineered titanium impellers are designed for optimum efficiency and a long life.

ECO-Turbo compressors are easy to install, operate and maintain making them the right choice when air quality is critical for your compressed air application.


The Eco-Turbo series supplies 100% oil-free, Class 0 (ISO 8573) compressed air

Optimized design with wear-free compression principle offers low maintenance and less downtime

  • Removable enclosure panels allow for easy access to all maintenance components
  • Airend designed with horizontally split gearbox allowing for quick inspection of impellers and gears

Built to the highest levels of dependability, reliability & efficiency

  • 100% oil-free, Class 0 (ISO 8573) compressed air
  • 2-stage compression for greater energy efficiency
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Premium efficiency TEFC (IP55) main motor
  • Wear-free titanium impeller designed for long life and optimum efficiency
  • Sound enclosure with removable panels protects compressor from harsh environments

Premium PLC Controller

  • Provides 3 energy control modes to optimize energy consumption during operation
  • 7″ HMI touchscreen operation

Cooling Water Connection

  • Available as water-cooled or air-cooled

Heavy Duty Inlet Air Filter

  • Protects aero components with low pressure drop
  • Reduced noise

High Efficiency Coolers

  • Compact finned coolers provide excellent heat exchange properties
  • Integrated aftercooler

Inlet and Unloading Valve

  • Work independently or together depending on the control mode selected
  • Adjusts the flow capacity and discharge pressure
  • Helps save operation cost

Oil Mist Eliminator

  • Ensures oil mist doesn’t contaminate the compressor or environment


  • Heat of Comnpression dryer solution available
  • Zero-Loss Auto Drain Trap
  • Extended Warranty Program
  • Solid state motor starter
  • Additional vibration probe on second stage
  • Silicone-free components
  • Factory performance test certificate

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