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Summer-ize your compressor

Summer is quickly approaching. With it brings warm weather, no school, barbecues, swimming pools and fun in the sun. But, for many manufacturers, the hot summer months bring to some not-so-fun challenges for compressed air systems.

Just like any appliance, compressors require regular maintenance. Furnaces need a tune-up before the winter hits, and air conditioners need a checkup before the outdoor temperatures begin to rise. A little preventative maintenance at the change of seasons can save a business from downtime and headaches later in the season.

Compressors are no different.

The challenge in the warm weather is how to keep the compressor room cool when the temperatures continue to rise. Fun in the sun for compressors means condensation, overheating, and working harder to produce the same results. When not appropriately prepped for the hot summer months, compressors tend to work overtime or take an “unplanned” vacation.

Here’s our list of the top ways to prepare your compressor for elevated temperatures during the summer months.

Don’t wait for heat and humidity to cause compressed air complications. Take steps now and prevent costly downtime from halted production and an expensive emergency service call.

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