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Why Go Oil-Free?

Oil-free compressors are air compressors that operate without oil in the compression chamber. Oil-free compressors utilize other types of technology like water or Teflon-coated materials to lubricate the compressor chamber. The absence of oil in the compression chamber reduces the chance that your end-product and application will be contaminated by oil. The International Standards Organization (ISO) created ISO 8573-1 to measure quality by the amount of solid particulates, water, and oil in one cubic foot of compressed air. The Class 0 classification is the most stringent air quality standard, where compressed air must contain less than 0.01 milligram per cubic meter (mg/m3) of total oil. While oil-free air is great for many reasons, not everyone needs it and it can be expensive, it is important to stick to a classification most appropriate for your operation.  

Providing ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified oil-free air has several manufacturing benefits:  

Lower Maintenance Costs  

Oil-free air compressors provide your plant with significantly lower maintenance requirements, some of which include: 

Lower Energy Costs  

Energy efficiency in a compressor can have a more direct impact on decreasing operating expenses. Energy costs take up about 60-75% of the total life-cycle cost of an air compressor. Oil-free compressors are generally 10-15% more efficient than oil-flooded machines, meaning that an oil-free compressor in your plant can save you several thousand dollars in life-cycle savings.  

Reduce Environmental Footprint  

Oil-free air compressors lower environmental impact in two different ways:  

Decrease Chance of Product Contamination  

Oil-free compressors avoid contamination risks because there is no potential for trace oil to reach the final product. This decreased risk brings in two benefits:  

Why do Industries Choose Oil-Free Air Compressors?  

Compressed air encounters nearly every aspect of your operation, including final products. The following industries can benefit from decreased oil contamination risk: 


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