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The Essential Importance of Compressed Air Efficiency

Compressed air has many uses, as it is one of the most widely used forms of energy in many industries. Approximately 70 percent of all manufacturers use compressed air systems for various tasks such as operating machine tools, handling materials, separation equipment, and spray painting. Compressed air is such a widely used resource because of […]

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The Importance of Air Treatment

Raymond Batkay, Channel Partner Manager, Northeast Air is dirty, and depending on the season and your location in the world, the air is also wet. On a hot summer day in Louisiana, the humidity is so thick that you can almost see the air you’re breathing.  Walk down Bourbon Street in mid-July, and it’s almost […]

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Cold Weather & Air Compressors

Heading into fall and winter, your compressed air system maintenance routine can be more complex in colder climates. Freezing temperatures can have negative effects on your compressor, dryer, and many accessories. One of the best practices to adopt is keeping a detailed maintenance log. At the end of each season, take note of the condition […]

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Compressed Air & Starting a Microbrewery

Raymond Batkay, Channel Partner Manager East Region In the last 20 years, independent microbreweries have popped up throughout the United States from Portland, Oregon to Brooklyn, New York.   With the same revolutionary spirit, independent brewers are looking to stake their claim in the coveted American beer market. According to the National Beer Wholesalers Association, Anheuser-Busch […]

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Solving Demand Side Issues to Maximize Compressor Efficiency

Gary Panttila, Channel Partner Manager West Region Demand-side issues in industrial compressed air systems are overlooked and underestimated. The awareness of energy consumption is a crucial piece of the puzzle. In recent years, there has been a greater focus on resolving issues related to this to maximize compressor efficiency. The energy consumed by a compressed […]

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Summer-ize your compressor

Summer is quickly approaching. With it brings warm weather, no school, barbecues, swimming pools and fun in the sun. But, for many manufacturers, the hot summer months bring to some not-so-fun challenges for compressed air systems. Just like any appliance, compressors require regular maintenance. Furnaces need a tune-up before the winter hits, and air conditioners […]

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How to Select the Best Pipe for your Air Compressor Lines

DeAnna Hagen, Channel Partner Manager – Midwest Region When considering installing a piping system for compressed air, there are many options and important factors to consider. Learn more about different piping systems and their applications. Factors to Consider Know your installation & ambient conditions. Consider the environment the piping system will be installed in. Many […]

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Variable Speed Drive & Variable Frequency Drive Applications – Back to Basics

Gary Panttila, Channel Partner Manager West Region Today’s compressor technology has evolved greatly for the controls of the rotary screw compressor. Most notably is the introduction of variable frequency drives (VFD) and variable speed drives (VSD). Although there are differences, both types of controls work to conserve energy. When utilized properly, they are very energy […]

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FS-Curtis Commitment to our Employees and Customers During COVID-19 Outbreak

During this time, FS-Curtis continues to focus on employee safety to safeguard essential operations as we strive to be the most trusted and dependable compressed air system provider in North America.  For our production groups, we have implemented additional actions to protect the health and safety of our team.  Outside of production, we transitioned all […]

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Understanding the Importance of Air Compressor Maintenance

Bruce Davis, Manager, National Accounts-OEM Business Development Sales Everything in our lives requires a check-up, and in most cases routine maintenance. This ensures proper functionality when needed most. Human health certainly requires regular check-ins and vital requirements like eating, hydration, and sleep. Our vehicles, homes, and almost every other system in life require routine care. You […]

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