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Pro Compressor Distributor Highlight

DISTRIBUTOR HIGHTLIGHT- PRO COMPRESSOR Pro Compressor, Allentown, Pennsylvania has been in business since 1994. Bob Dietrick owns the successful independent compressor house and has built his loyal customer base by providing exceptional service at competitive prices. Pro Compressor as been an FS-Curtis distributor serving the Leigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania since they opened for […]

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When Should I Service My Oil Flooded Rotary Air Compressor?

Each manufacturer’s make and model of rotary air compressor gives specific guidelines for preventative maintenance in the operations manual sent with the air compressor. You’ve invested a good deal of money in your new compressor, to protect your new investment it’s a wise idea to follow these preventative maintenance procedures. Keep in mind this is […]

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Air Receiver Sizing

When specifying a compressed air system for optimum operation and energy efficiency, proper selection of the compressed air receiver tank(s) is one of the most critical decisions one can make. There are several different “rules of thumb” and formulas that will assist you, but finding straightforward guidance that says “use this size air receiver” is […]

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Why the FS-Connect Piping System?

Why the FS-Connect Piping System? Do you have problems with the pressure, flow or quality of your air that is affecting your products, increasing your scrap rate due to rejections in quality, efficiency, tooling costs due to increased maintenance or spraying applications like paint jobs? Then you may want to review your compressed air piping […]

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Investing In a Variable Speed Drive

A Variable Speed Drive compressor sounds like a smart idea, but is it really? Let’s address the rotary compressor question that auto care facilities ask us on a regular basis: Should I spend the extra money to put an energy-saving Variable Speed Drive (aka: Variable Frequency Drive) rotary screw compressor in my facility? The short answer […]

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This Compressor is a BEAST! – CA Series 7.5 80 gal vertical

WOW! Look at this customer testimonial on our CA Series 7.5HP Vertical Unit!  Installed in 2002 and still going strong!  Now that’s trusted, dependable and reliable!  See the full review here! CA Series compressors aren’t just built to handle harsh environments – they’re also available in a wide range of configurations to meet your exact […]

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Noise Level Is Barely Noticeable – CTS Garagemate

Check out our 5 Start review on Air Compressors Direct about out CTS Series Garagemate! See the full review here! FS-Curtis offers a full line of Single Stage and Reciprocating Air Compressors designed for the small shop and the contractor!  Download our full brochure on the CTS Series      

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Keep your compressed air dry this summer with the RN Series Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers! We offer three options of refrigerated dryers to keep your air dry: RNP (10-500SCFM)  Non-Cycling Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers For a stable dew point at a great value, the compact RNP dryer is an outstanding choice. RNE (100-3000SCFM)  Non-Cycling […]

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The Evolution Continues with the New NxV 18-37kW!

On our path to becoming the most trusted and dependable compressed air equipment provider in North America, we at FS-Curtis have just taken another major step forward. FS-Curtis is proud to announce the newest addition to our Nx Rotary Screw Air Compressor Series. The Nx18-37 kW (25-50 hp), is now available in Variable Speed Drive! […]

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In the Market for a Two-Stage Air Compressor?

 Here’s What You Need to Know If you’ve been in an auto body shop recently you may have heard the not-so-inconspicuous hum and rattle of an air compressor. More than likely what you heard was a two-stage air compressor, but why not a single-stage air compressor? Generally, single-stage units are for less demanding operations like […]

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